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Republicans Defend Reliance on Indicted Witness In Biden Probe

New York Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman and Oversight Committee ranking member Rep. Jamie Raskin(D-Md.) are asking Republican colleagues on the committee to investigate whether they were duped by a witness in their investigation of the Bidens. Republicans are firing back that they were not.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) has pegged serious claims against President Joe Biden's family on allegations by purported witness Gal Luft, a dual American-Israeli citizen who it turns out had been indicted on charges of acting as an unregistered foreign agent, of lying to the FBI, and attempting to traffic arms to Iran, among other charges.

Details of Luft's indictment were released this week, after Comer called Luft a "very credible" witness.

That prompted Goldman and Raskin to fired off a letter Wednesday saying it looks like Luft only went to Republicans as a "whistleblower" in a bid to shield himself from prosecution, and perhaps furthering the interests of the Chinese Communist Party. They want Comer to investigate whether the committee Republicans were conned.

"In order to protect the Congress’s institutional credibility and to reassure the American people that the CCP is not using Republicans’ investigations as a vehicle to undermine the United States government, we urge you to immediately initiate an investigation into whether the Committee may have been unwittingly duped by Mr. Luft in furtherance of the CCP’s interests, as well as any potentially false statements made by Mr. Luft to Members of Congress or congressional staff," the lawmakers wrote.

Comer responded that Luft is actually valuable and credible because he was working for the same Chinese outfit that was sending money to Hunter Biden and others.

“It’s astonishing that Ranking Member Raskin and Rep. Dan Goldman didn’t mention that the Bidens received millions through their shell companies from the same CCP-linked company that paid Gal Luft," Comer said in a statement. "Hunter Biden and Joe Biden even planned to share an office with this CCP-linked company, CEFC. Gal Luft is a credible witness to the Bidens’ influence peddling schemes because he too was getting paid by the same shady company."

Although the only charges against any Biden involves a tax case that Hunter Biden admitted to recently -- not any sort of spy claims or arms dealing -- Comer added that Democrats should see Luft as just a credible as the Bidens, because of their common ties to that Chinese outfit.

"If Democrats deem Mr. Luft as untrustworthy because he was getting money from CEFC, then why should we trust the Bidens who also received money from CEFC? Democrats have either been duped by the Bidens or they are intentionally misleading the American people," Comer said.


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